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Hyundai Heavy Industries takes the lead in digital welding and shipbuilding

Hyundai Heavy Industries recently developed a "digital welding system", which is the first in the world for shipbuilding welding. The introduction of this system has ended the use of nearly 40 years of simulated welding by Hyundai Heavy Industries since 1972. According to Hyundai Heavy Industries, even with the primary welder, even the primary welder can perform the welding work as well as the expert. As the world's largest shipbuilding company, Hyundai Heavy Industries plans to use this digital welding system in 2011, which is expected to save 1 million man-hours per year and increase welding by 20%. By 2015, Hyundai Heavy Industries shipbuilding welding operations will be fully digitalized.

Vietnam invested in the construction of the first straight seam welded steel pipe plant

In order to reduce the import of various types of steel pipes required for the production of oil and other industries, Vietnam Petroleum Pipe Production Co., Ltd. invested 2.175 billion VND to build Vietnam's first straight seam welded steel pipe plant. On October 25, the project's contractor, Vietnam Petroleum Construction Corporation and the investor Vietnam Petrochemical Steel Pipe Production Co., Ltd. jointly held the start-up ceremony for the construction of the welded steel pipe plant. The steel pipe plant was built in the Qianjiang Petroleum Industrial Zone of Qianjiang Province, covering an area of ​​39.49 hectares with an annual output of 100,000 tons of steel pipes. The plant uses the Swiss advanced three-roller tube rolling machine production line to produce API5L standard steel tubes. According to the person in charge of Vietnam Petroleum Pipe Production Co., Ltd., the project will be implemented in two phases. The products produced in the first phase will be supplied to the Lubemen Gas Project in Vietnam, the second phase of the South Kunshan Project and other natural gas and oil pipelines in Vietnam. construction project. It is expected to be officially put into operation in the third quarter of 2011. In the second phase, the plant plans to invest in replenishment molding equipment on the production line to provide various structural steel pipes for drilling platform manufacturing projects, refineries, thermal power plants and the oil and gas industry in Vietnam and other countries. It is reported that the welded steel pipe plant will provide 170 jobs for the society after it is put into operation, and will pay a tax of 200 billion VND to the Vietnamese national treasury every year. In addition to supplying products, reducing imports and saving foreign exchange, the plant will also promote the joint development of the mining, processing, metallurgical, machinery, transportation and construction industries in Qianjiang, Vietnam, and further attract foreign investment to the Kyushu Petroleum Industrial Zone. Building a good foundation plays an important role in the social and economic development of Qianjiang Province.

How is plasma surfacing technology developed?

Plasma surfacing technology is a method of strengthening and repairing the surface substrate. The performance of the surface of the parent material has been worn out or the worn parts are restored to their original dimensions. How is plasma surfacing technology developed so that plasma surfacing technology is so strong?         The basic methods of surfacing welding technology in China in the 1950s were electroslag surfacing, submerged arc welding, arc welding (electrode) and so on. Although it is widely used in some machinery industries, it has not formed an industry. In the 1960s, China established the Welding Society of China Mechanical Engineering Society, and learned to conduct academic seminars on the current industry, which greatly promoted the progress of China's surfacing industry and was in line with the international surfacing profession. It plays a vital role in the surfacing business in China and the cultivation of surfacing talents.         Compared with other industries, surfacing is also a relatively traditional technology in China. However, compared with the development of technology, the surfacing requirements of various products are getting higher and higher, and the precision of products is becoming more and more accurate. Ordinary surfacing technology has been difficult to meet the surfacing requirements of current products. The product manufacturing industry, the mechanical processing industry, the coal mining industry, etc. - the series of industries are also increasingly dependent on surfacing technology. The awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection advocated by the state is getting stronger and stronger. Surfacing technology ushered in the second spring. The advancement of science and technology has also promoted the development of surfacing, and the surfacing business in China has also been continuously developed in various surfacing industries.         Plasma surfacing technology is also the most important. Represented by plasma arc surfacing in the 1970s, various welding institutes in China have also introduced various types of plasma arc surfacing machines, and actively cooperated with large surfacing giants. The experimental results are also perfect. Plasma surfacing technology has also been greatly promoted by various industries.         In the 1980s, domestic surfacing researchers studied actively in foreign countries. Solved the problem of excessive surfacing cost. The service life has been increased by a factor of two. In the medium term, the original Fe-5 wear-resistant alloy was replaced with Co-based stellite No. 6 gold, and the price dropped by about half compared with the previous one.         In the 1990s, as the scale of our domestic metallurgical industry expanded, so did the demand for surfacing. The new research of China Research Institute has also been put into use in all major industries in China. The yield rate is 40%. Effectively promote the development of China's wear-resistant technology. Entering the 20th century, the strategic implementation, infrastructure construction and mechanical processing of China's Belt and Road Initiative are not only in China. Large-scale construction, machining. It is bound to increase the degree of mechanical wear and the plasma surfacing technology will be more widely used.         Under the leadership of the older generation of researchers, China has also become a research power in plasma surfacing technology. Become the benchmark in this field. Plasma surfacing technology will also lead the world under the leadership of a new generation of surfacing personnel.

Huagong Technology enters the field of white body welding

The W23 roof laser welding project of Shenlong Company, which was undertaken by Huagong Technology Farley Company, was completed throughout the entire line to realize fully automated production. This means that domestic laser welding equipment manufacturers have broken the monopoly of foreign technology and successfully entered the field of domestic automotive body-in-white laser welding tooling equipment. The automotive body-in-white laser welding process has high precision and stable quality, which can improve the welding speed and weld quality of the automobile, and make the body welding production line automatic and intelligent. Among them, the car top cover is the most difficult to weld, and the project has been accepted by foreign companies. In February 2009, Farley Company defeated many internationally renowned companies and obtained the laser body-in-white roof welding project of Shenlong Automobile Company. After more than a year of hard work, Falilai has the production conditions to achieve small batch production.

Notice of the Intellectual Property Office to vigorously carry out the promotion of patent electronic applications

Since the implementation of electronic applications in China in 2004, electronic applications have played an increasingly important role in patent applications. This year, “Promoting Electronic Applications” has been explicitly included in the “2010 National IP Strategy Implementation Promotion Plan” and has become an important part of implementing the national IP strategy. The popularization and popularization of electronic applications is conducive to enhancing the international prestige of intellectual property work in China and the right to speak in international patent cooperation matters; it is conducive to further improving the efficiency of patent application and examination and approval in China, reducing social costs and achieving win-win results; The level of public service and innovation of the competent intellectual property authorities will further promote the construction of a service-oriented government. All local intellectual property offices should attach great importance to it, further strengthen organizational leadership, and vigorously carry out electronic application promotion.

"Bird's Nest" expert team won the International Welding Award

Not long ago, the 63rd International Welding Society announced the list of winners of the 2010 International Welding Series Awards. The team of “Seiko Steel Structure” experts won one of the titles of the “Bird's Nest” National Stadium. It is reported that the award was established in 2000 and is mainly used to reward the design and construction personnel of contemporary outstanding steel structures. “The Seiko Steel Structure” expert consultant Dai Weizhi and his team ensured the construction of the main building of the “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium, the main venue of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games with a high degree of responsibility and excellent technical level, showing the world unprecedented unprecedented The miracle of steel structure welding has become a leader in international counterparts.

Panasonic sets new welding machine production base in India

According to Japan’s Sankei Shimbun on December 3, Japan’s Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd. announced on the 2nd of this month that it will begin production of welding machines in India starting in August 2012. The welding machine is mainly used in the production and installation of transportation tools such as automobiles and railways. Panasonic's total investment is about 1.4 billion yen (about 110 million yuan). The reason for setting up a welding machine production base in India is that as the country's economy continues to grow, the demand for welding is increasing. India has also become the second stronghold for overseas production of Panasonic welding machines in China. The production base is located in the suburb of Halia, the capital of New Delhi, with an annual output of 25,000 units and a staff of about 120. The sales target for India in the next 8 years is 10 billion yen (about 800 million yuan). ). Panasonic's subsidiary "Panasonic Welding" invested about 1.8 billion yen (about RMB 150 million) to set up an Indian branch. In addition to the production and sales of welding machines, the branch will also sell from Japanese imported welding robots. Panasonic currently has a market share of approximately 10% in the Indian welding machine market, with the goal of increasing its market share to 30% by 2018.

Welding industry proposal 12: 5: actively promote the application of new welding equipment products

In order to make the preparation of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” more comprehensive and scientific, the National Development and Reform Commission and the China Economic Net launched the “12th Five-Year Plan for the Establishment of GEM Enterprises”. We collected constructive opinions from listed companies, including related fields during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. The direction of development, as well as opinions and suggestions on policy development. For the development of the welding industry, Cha Bingzhu, the deputy general manager of Ruiling Co., Ltd., proposed to continue to actively promote the application of new welding equipment products, improve the welding technology level in key industries, and advocate energy conservation and environmental protection.

Welding power supply basics

What is welding power? An apparatus that supplies electrical energy required for welding and has electrical characteristics suitable for welding is called a welding power source. Why are there special requirements for arc welding power supplies? What are the requirements? In order to ensure stable welding of welding arc and adapt to various welding process requirements, arc welding power supply has the following special requirements: 1. The static characteristic (or external characteristic) of the arc welding power source is the relationship between the steady-state output current and the output voltage, and has a falling characteristic (constant current characteristic) and a flat characteristic (constant pressure characteristic). Sex). 2. Dynamic characteristics of arc welding power supply When the load state changes instantaneously (such as: short circuit transition of droplets, particle transition, jet transition, etc.), arc welding power supply output current and output The relationship between voltage and time is used to characterize the ability to respond to load transients (ie, dynamic response capability), referred to as "dynamic characteristics." 3. The no-load voltage is the voltage displayed by the power supply before the arc. 4. Adjusting the characteristics - changing the external characteristics of the power supply to meet the requirements of the welding specification. Why does the arc voltage change when the arc length changes? Determined by the external characteristics of the arc welding power source, the longer the arc, the higher the arc voltage; the shorter the arc, the lower the arc voltage. What is arc stiffness? The extent to which the arc is straight along the axial direction of the electrode under the effects of heat shrinkage and magnetic contraction. Why is the welding arc blown? During the welding process, the arc center is offset from the electrode axis due to the interference of the air flow, the action of the magnetic field or the eccentricity of the tungsten needle. What is the load continuation rate of the welder? Load duration refers to the ability of a welding power source to operate continuously at a certain current. The national standard stipulates that the manual welding rated load duration is 60%, and the automatic or semi-automatic is 60% and 100%. What is the load continuation rate of the torch? Refers to the ability of the torch to work continuously at a certain current. What is the positive connection method? The welding method is connected to the positive pole of the output end of the welding machine, and the wiring method of the negative electrode of the welding torch (welding tongs) connected to the output end is called "positive connection method", which is also called positive polarity. What is the reverse connection method? The welding piece is connected to the negative pole at the output end of the welding machine, and the welding method of the welding gun (welding tongs) connected to the positive terminal of the output end is called "reverse connection method", which is also called reverse polarity. What is the starting current (initial current)? In the "Yes" state of the arc, press the arc current of the torch switch; release the torch switch and switch to the welding current. What is the arc current? In the "existing" state of the arc, it is used to fill the crater at the end of the weld and reduce the crater defects (such as fire cracks, etc.). What is the arc current? In the "existing" state of the arc, it is used to fill the crater at the end of the weld and reduce the crater defects (such as fire cracks, etc.). What is the rise time? The transition time from the initial current to the welding current. What is the fall time? The transition time from the welding current to the arcing current. What is pulse welding current? Peak current during pulse welding. What is the base welding current? Minimum current during pulse welding What is the lag time? That is, after the welding arc is extinguished, the protective gas is delayed by 0.3 to 5 seconds and then the gas supply is stopped.
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